What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

We have received over 7,000 letters from our customers praising the Skier's Edge/Fitness Edge and how it has dramatically improved their skiing, weight loss, sense of well being and performance in other sports.


"I only got my Skier's Edge 3 weeks before I embarked on my second season (2 weeks in Andorra). Even in that short space of time I felt it helped with my strength as I was able to cope comfortably with my 3 hour private lessons. I was surprised to find I had hardly any aches or pains."

Jane Austin • Bedfordshire

"After the first holiday this year it was very noticeable that the normal aches and pains were not there after the first couple of days and we were straight into skiing. No longer thinking we'll take it easy the first few days and gently increase activity. General balance and reaction time is greatly improved, particularly thru the bumps and in powder."

Mrs McCulloch • Montrose

"My Skiersedge was the best 70th. birthday present I could possible have given to myself and I hope to squeeze a few more years out of skiing to which I am addicted. After using Skiersedge for 20 minutes each day to my old LP's ( Judy Collins, John Denver etc.) I coped better on an off-piste introduction course and am continuing to use it during the summer. In fact, I felt much more secure jumping from rock to rock recently with grandchildren and so obvously it has its uses apart from skiing!"

Sylvia Bolton-Jones • Liverpool

"Both my wife and I have been using the Skier's Edge, and what a difference to our fitness it has made as well as improving our performance. 10 minutes per day is an amazing difference to your fitness when going off to Ski. And having just bought a house in Austria, this will make our breaks even more enjoyable."

Mr Brian Hilton • Lincolnshire

"I now have more stamina, particularly when the effort levels increase - attacking off-piste crust/crud and heavy snow for example. More stamina means more confidence, so I ski better and use less energy... The Skiers Edge will be my primary off-season fitness aid through this summer."

David Pellatt • Kent

"Eliminated strength imbalance between strong and weak leg, Overall weight transfer between turns is more dynamic - not so "up and down". Try to fit in 1/2 hr every day, approx 1500 turns, sometimes difficult when your 4yr old keeps wanting to have a go with you!"

Simon Raeburn • Cheshire

"What a fantastic training aid! As an Instructor I have never before seen the unbelievable effect Skiers Edge has on both fitness and technique!"

Rob Robson • Harrow Rifle Corps

"I bought a Skier's Edge as I badly damaged the ligaments in my left knee whilst skiing two years ago. having tried every other piece of gym equipment going trying to re-strengthen my knee with no success I'm very pleased having had the Skiers Edge for such a short time of using it that my knee is almost back to normal and plan to go back skiing in January - something I'm sure would not have been possible without it!"

Mrs C Barratt • Somerset

"As a family we currently exercise most nights. By far our most used piece of equipment is the skiers edge, which combined with the LifeBeat and an Ipod is a great work out combination. The only problem is that we have had to buy other pieces of exercise equipment to keep the other family members occupied when the Skiers Edge is in use."

Mr Steve Johnson • Carmarthenshire

"An excellent workout and well engineered to replicate the skiing "feeling". My 11-year-old daughter who races, finds that the edge-to-edge rhythm has helped her smooth her carving of slalom turns."

Mr David Van de Wiel • Warwickshire

I would just like to say that this machine is the best thing I have ever purchased. Only had it for a few days, but can't stop getting on it and working out. The machine itself seems to be very well built, very easy to set up and touch wood, looks as though it will last. I love skiing but am lucky if I can get two trips a year in, so to be able to climb on to my edge and have that carving feeling any day, any week is amazing. I have tried doing 20min sessions and thats enough! To get the 'burn' feeling is fantastic. I really cant say enough about it. I have even had a friend who is also an experienced skier, try the edge, he is now thinking of buying one himself! We were like two little kids! The feeling is so realistic! Sorry for gong on, feel free to use this as a testimonial!

P.s Thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent service!

Stephen Lockett • Leigh on Sea, Essex

I had reached a plateau as an Advanced Intermediate. After using the Skier's Edge, the training transitioned to results on the snow immediately by getting me on edge, into the new turn earlier and more consistently than ever before. I've also become much more balanced and quick in the bumps as well. It works.

G. Chiorello
Reston, VA

As a 41-year-old ex-racer, long boarder and lifelong skiing junky, I'd have to say that the Skier's Edge has got to be the best ski conditioning exercise system around! I just returned from my first long weekend of skiing of the season. I'm shocked at the stamina and strength I had my first day out. Usually, my calves and quads would be sore and stiff as a board after that first day, but not this year. I was able to ski harder and farther without cramping up, and was rearing to go the next day. My endurance on long GS runs was practically at mid-season form right away.

R. Fosse
San Bruno, CA