business Week, Fred Funk talking about how the Skier's Edge will train you for golf Working Out With…Fred Funk

A top player's exercise regimen is designed

to add distance to his golf drive.


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Nicole hosp as seen in ski racingAUSTRIANS NATIONAL SKI TEAM

…Skier’s Edge Offers Worry-Free, Knee-Friendly Training

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Skier's EdgeThe Ultimate Quest - Gear that works!
Skier's EdgeThe Best Skiing Ever!
Skier's EdgeHot New Gear! What is it?
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! During the past 5 years Iíve tried just about everything which could make me a better skier. This summer I discovered the secret weapon that develops ìrace toughî legs for better skiing. Before I give it away Iíd like to share with you a few more details on my history as a racer.
Race tough Legs
If I can do it you can to
If I can do It you can do it
…A follow-up to “Race Tough Legs”
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product review
Skier's Edge Product Review
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product review
FIS Medals in Chile!
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The best ski improvement of the yearThe Best New Year's Resolution I have ever fulfilled!
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Ski Racing tips. The best way to improve your finish time
Ski Racing Tips

Perfect Technique – It’s Your Choice!

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Secret was at Mike Wiegele’s helicopter skiing..
Secret was at Mike Wiegele’s helicopter skiing...
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product review
Instant Good Mood!
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product review 
My Secret to Success
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All skiers have one thing in common...
They want to ski better!

To become a better skier in one season, one must either ski 100+ days - or get a Skier's Edge! It's that simple. The Skier's Edge is a ski conditioning machine that precisely duplicates the exact motion of skiing.

With the Skier's Edge you will:

  • develop muscle memory
  • learn correct ski technique
  • improve your balance on your skis
  • learn to carve perfect and beautiful turns
  • get an exceptional cardiovascular workout
  • have the endurance to ski all day - every day

"Both my self and my friends that have used the machine have found that even with a small amount of use our carving technique has improved immensely and people I ski with who were far better than me all commented on the improvement especially as I am still right behind them at the end of a long days skiing fantastic very impressed with my purchase."

E P Cooper • Lincolnshire

I was very pleased with the advice I received when enquiring about which model to choose and eventually settled on the Big Mountain with All mountain Master. Having placed the order I was very impressed with the speedy delivery (next day!).

I will happily recommend the skiers edge as an effective training aid to anyone thinking of a purchase and as I work at the local Dry Ski Slope I expect to recommend it quite a few times!

Stuart Marsom • Polegate