Skier's Edge T7

All Mountain MasterTM Platform*

Comes standard on the T7

The name says it all. The All Mountain Master (AMM) is versatile, easy to use and simulates different styles of skiing. Skiers will develop power and endurance in addition to building a good cardiovascular foundation.

• 6 adjustable settings ranging from a narrow mogul stance to a wide carving stance and a single leg setting.
• Adjust stance settings in 2-3 minutes.

*Doesn't accommodate RPM accessories


1. Single Footpad Stance
For an intense anaerobic workout, one leg at a time.

2. Powder/Mogul Stance
Simulates skiing in deep powder and bumps.Also works on quick lateral timing.

3. Narrow Stance
Practice quick tight movements and increase thigh engagement.

4. Medium Carve Stance
Aggressive carving position.

5. Wide Carve/Racing Stance
For racing or cruising down long, winding runs.

6. Athletic Stance
Strengthening and conditioning for skiing and other lateral sports that utilize a shoulder width stance such as golf.

"Both my self and my friends that have used the machine have found that even with a small amount of use our carving technique has improved immensely and people I ski with who were far better than me all commented on the improvement especially as I am still right behind them at the end of a long days skiing fantastic very impressed with my purchase."

E P Cooper • Lincolnshire

I was very pleased with the advice I received when enquiring about which model to choose and eventually settled on the Big Mountain with All mountain Master. Having placed the order I was very impressed with the speedy delivery (next day!).

I will happily recommend the skiers edge as an effective training aid to anyone thinking of a purchase and as I work at the local Dry Ski Slope I expect to recommend it quite a few times!

Stuart Marsom • Polegate