World Cup Plyometric Power™

Most Competitive

With the highest profile, steepest incline, and 3 bands of resistance the T5 World Cup Plyometric Power offers a high intensity, plyometric, anerobic workout - perfect for racers and elite athletes. Develops explosive power in a lateral motion. Anyone who weighs over 215 lbs can also use this Skier’s Edge.

Skill Level

  • Advanced through racers.


  • Burns 1,400 - 1,540 calories per hour.
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specs 30 day home trial 4/2 Warranty

Skier's Edge Platforms

All Mountain Master Platform

  • 6 adjustable stance settings ranging from narrow mogul to wide carving and a single leg setting.
  • Takes 2-3 minutes to change the stance settings.

RPM Platform

  • 8 adjustable stance settings ranging from narrow mogul to wide carving and a single leg setting.
  • Takes 20-30 seconds to change stance settings.
  • Required for certain accessories (Slope Simulator and Upper Body Edge).

Skier's Edge Accessories

Lifebeat Slope Simulator Transport Wheels Upper Body Edge Core Power Weighted Vest


T5 Model rail system

High quality, heavy gauge steel tubing for long life and durability.


Length: 63 Inches

Width: 14.5 inches

Frame Height: 13 inches

Rail Incline: 19 degrees

Powerbands: 3

Resistance Settings:18 settings

Interchangeable Carriage System

Allows for a quick change to any of the platforms for a variety of workouts.

Power Bands

Designed for safety and to challenge the user’s strength and ability.

End Feet

Sure grip, non-marking feet keep your Skier's Edge solidly in position.

Truss Frame

High quality, heavy gauge steel welded into a single unit truss frame for long life and durability.


Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum. Ergonomic grips for comfort. Non-marking rubber tips protect floors and furniture. Comes standard with any T5.

Quick Change Resistance Settings

Quick release pins with up to 18 different settings (depending on model).


Custom molded rollers ensure a smooth, quiet and consistent operation of the power bands.

State of the Art Finish

High quality electrostatic powder coating provides a tough finish with outstanding corrosion protection, resistance to wear and is easy to keep clean.

Quick Change Tool

Quick Change Tool

Easy access T-wrench to make quick adjustments.


1: Wheels

Dual urethane wheels for a long life and a smooth quiet feel.

2: Captive Wheel

The captive wheel system on the underside of the rails securely locks the carriage on the rails, allowing for a safe workout.

I had reached a plateau as an Advanced Intermediate. After using the Skier's Edge, the training transitioned to results on the snow immediately by getting me on edge, into the new turn earlier and more consistently than ever before. I've also become much more balanced and quick in the bumps as well. It works.

G. Chiorello
Reston, VA

As a 41-year-old ex-racer, long boarder and lifelong skiing junky, I'd have to say that the Skier's Edge has got to be the best ski conditioning exercise system around! I just returned from my first long weekend of skiing of the season. I'm shocked at the stamina and strength I had my first day out. Usually, my calves and quads would be sore and stiff as a board after that first day, but not this year. I was able to ski harder and farther without cramping up, and was rearing to go the next day. My endurance on long GS runs was practically at mid-season form right away.

R. Fosse
San Bruno, CA