Skier's Edge T5



From beginner to expert the T5 models perfectly simulate the smooth, rhythmic movements of skiing. You will ski better and become a healthier, more fit person year-round.


Entry Level

Retains original Skier's Edge slope height, perfect for rehabilitation and those who want less leg extension/retraction.

Classic Series: For over 26 years the Skier's Edge has transformed thousands of skiers. The original slope height accommodates the beginner and intermediate skier by perfectly simulating mountain terrain. Perfect the necessary balance and coordination to ski with confidence and stamina.

  • Burns 810- 1,125 calories per hour
  • Great tool to train for high performance short turns
  • Great choice for the whole family
  • Increase your fitness and skiing versatility on the slopes

Big Mountain Series

Most Popular

Perfect for all levels of skiers, beginner to expert - you won’t outgrow this one!

Big Mountain Series: The T5 Big Mountain has a higher profile creating steeper angulations to simulate proper skiing technique. This machine will help create muscle memory while increasing stamina, and endurance while strengthening core muscles.

  • Burns 1,220- 1,350 calories per hour
  • Most popular Skier's Edge series
  • Gain strength and endurance to polish your turns and improve technique
  • Ski 365 days a year

World Cup Plyometric Power

Most Competitive

Most challenging Skier's Edge. Perfect for racers and elite athletes.

World Cup Plyometric Power: The T5 World Cup is the most aggressive ski simulator on the market. This machine has the highest degree slop to boost strength, speed, power, and agility while promoting proper coordination and balance. Used by world class ski racers and advanced, adrenaline junkie skiers. Reach your goals and feel great doing it.

  • Burns 1,400- 1,540 calories per hour
  • Highest intensity, anaerobic workout
  • Master the most difficult terrain and perform at your best
  • Obtain the podium and perfect the slopes

"Both my self and my friends that have used the machine have found that even with a small amount of use our carving technique has improved immensely and people I ski with who were far better than me all commented on the improvement especially as I am still right behind them at the end of a long days skiing fantastic very impressed with my purchase."

E P Cooper • Lincolnshire

I was very pleased with the advice I received when enquiring about which model to choose and eventually settled on the Big Mountain with All mountain Master. Having placed the order I was very impressed with the speedy delivery (next day!).

I will happily recommend the skiers edge as an effective training aid to anyone thinking of a purchase and as I work at the local Dry Ski Slope I expect to recommend it quite a few times!

Stuart Marsom • Polegate