The T5 sets the standard for Skier's Edge machines and perfectly simulates the smooth rhythmic movements of skiing.

What the T5 works on:

  • Edging, weight transfer
  • Timing and rhythm
  • Balance and coordination
  • Non-impact cardiovascular workout
  • Strength, endurance
  • Muscle memory
  • Cross training for all sports
  • 365 days of private instruction
  • Fun to use - not boring
  • Will take your skiing to the next level - guaranteed!

Available in the following series:

  • Big Mountain
  • World Cup Plyometric Power
  • Classic

Can be upgraded to the QS5 at any time with QS5 Kit.

Ultimate, top-of-the-line!

The QS5 does everything the T5 does plus you get…

  • Precision aircraft aluminum rails
  • Custom molded urethane wheels

This combination makes the QS5 the smoothest, quietest Skier’s Edge available, plus it’s very easy to clean.

Available in the following series

  • Big Mountain
  • World Cup Plyometric Power
  • Classic

Train in your boots 365 days a year

BootmasterTM - Train in your boots 365 days a year

Train in your ski boots! The Skier’s Edge BootMaster is the ultimate workout for skiers. It’s an intense exercise of those ski specific muscles that "scream" your first few weeks of skiing. The muscle memory conditioning translates perfectly to the slopes. The BootMaster footpads connect perfectly to your ski boots (toe shim and heel retainer).

Complete System: the Assistant Coach Balance BarTM, BootMaster Accessory platform and footpads, QS5 Big Mountain RPM

Accessory Only: BootMaster Accessory Platform and footpads

Available for the QS5 model only.

  • Get comfortable in your boots before you hit the slopes
  • Actively engages your core
  • Aligns you in the proper position over your boots
  • Never lose confidence or control
  • Refines your retraction balance for perfectly linked turns
  • Duplicates the feel of the mountain

"Both my self and my friends that have used the machine have found that even with a small amount of use our carving technique has improved immensely and people I ski with who were far better than me all commented on the improvement especially as I am still right behind them at the end of a long days skiing fantastic very impressed with my purchase."

E P Cooper • Lincolnshire

I was very pleased with the advice I received when enquiring about which model to choose and eventually settled on the Big Mountain with All mountain Master. Having placed the order I was very impressed with the speedy delivery (next day!).

I will happily recommend the skiers edge as an effective training aid to anyone thinking of a purchase and as I work at the local Dry Ski Slope I expect to recommend it quite a few times!

Stuart Marsom • Polegate