Getting the Season’s Edge

The 2016/17, ski season is over – gone, but certainly not forgotten. It began in October with the excitement of a significant fall of snow in the Alps, bringing with it the false promise of a wealth of winter snow to follow.  At the thought of a season filled with deep powder skiing and long pistes of crisp, white corduroy, fitness training took on a whole new urgency. Alas, it was not to be. We waited for the next ‘big dump’. We waited and waited and waited. The temperatures rose and rain arrived, threatening the precious base layer. There were a few smatterings of the white stuff to remind us that, ‘#winterishere’, but barely enough to last the season. Don’t get me wrong; most of the high resorts did get snow. Those that didn’t – made snow, probably more grateful than ever for their investment in snow making machines. Meanwhile, a few ski companies on the lower slopes, provided busses to take disgruntled clients to the nearest snowfields. Après skiing was at an all time high.

In February, the bluebird sky brought beautiful icy mornings with fresh rattracks of churned, frozen slush. Early morning runs meant skiing pistes of hard, rutted ice while dodging golf ball sized, frozen lumps. Sharp edges and good carving skills became more important than ever in order to slice through the ice and stop skis skittering off course.

Then, with the rising spring temperatures, the precious white stuff turned to slush. Oh how we loved that slush! Once again, thankful for the home training sessions, we powered through the steadily browning mush to enjoy some well-deserved après ski.

Finally, in late April and early May, the long awaited snow dump arrived, blanketing the Alps – just in time for the last weeks of the season. Ski conditions were, at last, perfect and with Easter over, the pistes were empty… It was skiing heaven!

Hopefully, next season there will be an abundance of snow. But if not, we will still enjoy every moment of our time skiing. Holidays are precious – every minute on snow counts and it’s never too early to start training. We love skiing when conditions are just right but even perfect days can begin with ice. With global warming here to stay and snow fall on a downward trend, you need to be prepared for all ski conditions. So, improve your strength, stability, carving and muscle memory, increase your stamina and next season, what ever the conditions, make every turn count.

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Getting ski fit with the Skier’s Edge