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About US

Today at Skier's Edge

The world's greatest Ski Teams, Instructors and Skiers can't be wrong!

The Skier's Edge® makes beginner skiers good, good skiers great, great skiers the best & puts racers on the podium. We guarantee it!

Recognized as the #1 technical ski conditioner in the world by ski teams and ski professionals, the Skier's Edge gets them in shape and improves their technique in the shortest time possible. You too can quickly improve your skiing in all conditions. Tight turns, deep powder, steep bumps or cruising runs, the Skier's Edge has it all and delivers results quickly. - And how great you'll feel!

Our machines are used by World Cup racers, Olympians, pro-athletes and can be found in training rooms worldwide because of our exceptional quality and proven track record that is unmatched. The Skier's Edge is also used as training and conditioning machine throughout the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA; at major universities, sports medicine clinics and rehab centers; and by skiers of all ages and abilities around the world.

Moving Forward

Ski more for your money!

Skier's Edge® the ski insurance that pays for itself.

You work hard for your vacation, so why not be prepared? If you're spending too much time in the hot tub trying to ease your aches and pains, and not enough time on the slopes, you need the Skier's Edge. By using the Skier's Edge for only 20 minutes a day, prior to your vacation, you will ski with improved technique and have the stamina to ski the first chair to the last. It's ski vacation insurance that pays for itself.

For the equivalent price of just 3 private lessons, you can quickly keep your promise to yourself and take your skiing to a much higher level - starting NOW! Your family can enjoy private lessons every day in the comfort of your home. Ski with control, power and confidence your entire vacation. The Skier's Edge is the answer to knowing you're going to ski every day, all day, without fatigue. No more spending half your vacation trying to get your ski legs back.

You'll quickly improve your technique while taking your skiing to new levels. With the Skier's Edge you'll improve strength and cardiovascular conditioning, giving you a stronger, leaner, better-looking body. Ski like you've always dreamed. You won't be the only one who notices the improvement in your skiing. We guarantee it!


The Skier's Edge makes beginner skiers good, good skiers great and great skiers the best. You'll learn to carve perfect turns learn to carve perfect turns while developing while developing ski specific muscle memory and balance. It gives you an exceptional you an exceptional cardiovascular workout and the endurance to ski all day - every day.

The Skier's Edge has taken thousands of aspiring skier's from beginner to intermediate and made them advanced/expert skiers who dominate the entire mountain. In fact, many users who train on a Skier's Edge have proven to become quite extraordinary athletes winning countless awards, titles, championships and Olympic gold medals. From the recreational athlete to professionals, anyone can dramatically increase their performance on and off the slopes with a Skier's Edge machine. This is the perfect training tool for every ability and all ages.



At Skier's Edge, we have spent more than 26 years of research developing our products. We pride ourselves on the quality of our machines and accessories. What set's us apart is our unique upgrade abilities. How cool is that! A company that won't let their existing customers' models become obsolete - a company that provides an upgrade opportunity to the current state-of-the-art model!

All of our products are made using the highest quality materials and sophisticated technology to ensure a long life, durability and resistance to wear. Each machine is carefully constructed and inspected by hand in our facility based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our professional staff are expert skiers and sports enthusiasts who avidly use the Skier's Edge products and swear by the results. We are available to assist you with selecting the machine that is right for you. To learn more, call us today toll free at 800.225.9669.

In The Beginning

More than twenty-six years ago the Skier's Edge was designed as a non-impact lateral conditioning machine. After years of playing football and numerous knee surgeries, doctors told the creator and inventor of the Skier's Edge he should no longer run to stay in shape. He looked for a way to safely strengthen his knees, get a great aerobic workout, and be in top condition to ski each season free of pain. After searching in vain for the right equipment and exercises, he developed the Skier's Edge. Upon showing the unit to doctors and physical therapists, he was encouraged to introduce it to the public. Initially supplying only the U.S. Ski Team, the Skier's Edge Company has since become the exclusive official supplier to the world's best ski teams.


Travel Through Time With Us

THE SKIER'S EDGE is the best tool to dramatically improve your skiing to a level you've only dreamed of. You'll develop technique and style you never thought possible - all before you hit the slopes! Your increased strength and balance will cross over to your other favorite sports. What have you got to lose - we guarantee it!

"Both my self and my friends that have used the machine have found that even with a small amount of use our carving technique has improved immensely and people I ski with who were far better than me all commented on the improvement especially as I am still right behind them at the end of a long days skiing fantastic very impressed with my purchase."

E P Cooper • Lincolnshire

I was very pleased with the advice I received when enquiring about which model to choose and eventually settled on the Big Mountain with All mountain Master. Having placed the order I was very impressed with the speedy delivery (next day!).

I will happily recommend the skiers edge as an effective training aid to anyone thinking of a purchase and as I work at the local Dry Ski Slope I expect to recommend it quite a few times!

Stuart Marsom • Polegate